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A complete guide to the 10bet Bet Calculator

In all walks of life, starting a task with the correct tools can make a world of difference to the outcome. It’s often possible to keep going without such aids, but it’s obvious that there’s a better result to be had by selecting the right instruments.

The new 10bet bet calculator is exactly the tool you need to make that difference as a bettor.

The right knowledge can be invaluable when investing in sports betting, allowing bettors to make informed choices based on the potential earnings of each bet. A bet calculator facilitates understanding of what is at risk and the value of the bet you are about to make.

Instead of grappling with several factors before making a decision, you simply input every detail that will contribute to the result and the 10bet bet calculator will instantly reveal your winnings and profit, with all bet types and odds formats available.

It’s as simple as that - a free and user-friendly odds calculator that allows bettors to make informed decisions on whether or not a particular wager is worth investing in, keeping you permanently one step ahead and on the right side of success!

How do you use the bet calculator?

In order to make the most of the 10bet bet calculator, you need to understand how to use it. Here’s how to use each of the options:

  • Bet Type: The betting calculator can be used for over 15 types of bets, including full cover bets, trebles, accumulators and Super Yankees.
  • Odds Type: Pick from decimals, fractions or American for how you want the odds to be presented.
  • Stake: The amount of money you are placing on the wager.
  • Conditions: Is the best each way, rule 4 or dead heat?
  • Selections: The number of teams, individuals or horses that you’d like to bet on. The odds will automatically be filled in for the relevant boxes after you enter each selection.

After populating each of those sections, the two boxes below will show the calculated return on the bets you have submitted.

  • Winnings: This total is the full return on every bet you have added to the odds calculator
  • Profit: This total is the winnings minus the original stake, showing how much money you would make if the bet or bets were successful.

How does it work for football bets?

Fancy backing your team to win this week? Fill in the odds calculator and it will reveal just how much you stand to win if they deliver for you again.

Our odds calculator can quickly and effortlessly reveal the potential returns on your bet; simply input your predicted result for a match you are considering and let the calculator do the hard work on your behalf.

The 10bet bet calculator will not only work out the result of a single match, it will easily calculate a football accumulator, one of the most fun and popular bet types. Here, you can place a small bet on a number of different matches over the weekend, giving the action an extra layer of enjoyment as you watch.

It’s important to understand how to build the right accumulator, even though the appeal of winning big from a relatively small stake can be hugely tempting. Our calculator can make the process go much more smoothly as you put in each selection you are considering and the potential winnings are instantly presented to you.

With such accurate information so readily available you can let our tool show you if you are happy with the bet or whether you’d prefer to add or remove selections to tweak the bet and tilt the odds further in your favour by weighing up the pros and cons of picking the most difficult matches a certain way.

How does it work for horse racing bets?

Glamorous events such as Cheltenham, the Derby, the Grand National and many others mean that many people are tempted to bet on horse racing at some point. Yet it can be an extremely difficult market to negotiate. Options like trixie, patent, yankee and Lucky 15 make working out the potential winnings often difficult, especially for the uninitiated.

Getting the balance right in choosing the different combinations of selections is key; what if one leg of your Lucky 15 wins and the other three lose? Does your bet cover that or do you need to make a slight change?

With the 10bet bet calculator, there’s no stress. You simply enter the stakes and the type of bet, then immediately see the potential returns.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use a bet calculator?

Modern times mean a wealth of options are now available to bettors. For this reason, working out potential yield is now more and more complex, with the resulting ever greater number of factors to contend with. Odds available, type of bet and original stake are all variables that make up the overall calculation.

Bettors can take advantage of many options such as each way and rule four, all of which make using a calculator an extremely sensible idea in terms of ensuring complete accuracy in a user-friendly fashion.

Can I use it for all types of bets?

The answer here is a resounding yes. Returns for every type of wager offered by 10bet can be put into the Bet Calculator, simply by selecting the correct option from the exhaustive list that will appear on the form.

What are the benefits of using a bet calculator?

The advantages are endless, but here are just a few!

  • It is simple and easy to navigate
  • It is absolutely free! Enjoy unlimited benefits of the calculator without paying a penny.
  • Avoids human error when calculating returns thanks to a fully automated system.

Why betting with 10bet is lots of fun

At 10bet we hold the bettor at the forefront of everything we do – edge-of-the-seat events, action-packed games, hot new slots and every exciting promotion. Our offer has been built through 16 years’ valuable experience in the industry, which has enabled us to focus on creating one of the most bettor-focused, exhilarating, forward-thinking, sports and casino betting sites in the world.

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Here’s why betting with 10bet is so much fun:

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Responsible betting, always

Being present for the bettor means going the extra mile to make sure you always enjoy fair, safe and manageable play. We’re licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and have a range of tools to protect our valued bettors and put you in control.

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The finishing touch: heart and soul

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