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Our bet calculator is as easy as counting to 10…

1. The bet calculator that does it all for you

Betting’s not exactly rocket science, but the numbers can get a bit confusing from time to time. Not with the indispensable 10bet bet calculator at your command, though. Just plug in the details and this clever piece of software will do all the maths for you. In an instant.

2. Choose the type of bet you want to place

Our bet calculator is as versatile as a Swiss Army penknife. It will work out the odds and potential winnings on all kinds of bets, including each way. And that’s not all — it has almost every kind of bet covered, from the popular to the less well known. Single, Acca, Trixie, Yankee, Goliath, Super Heinz? No problem!

3. Choose how your odds are displayed

If you don’t get along too well with fractions, you can choose to see your odds as decimals instead. Just pick whatever works best for you. It’s that simple. Or easy. After all, they’re just different ways of expressing the same thing.

4. See what your bets might win

Once you’ve filled in all the relevant boxes, the 10bet bet calculator will do its magic. You’ll be shown your potential winnings (the full return on all the bets you’ve entered). And the profit (the winnings minus the original stake). Done and dusted!

5. Compare and contrast with the bet calculator

The real beauty of the 10bet calculator is that it lays all your options on the table for you. You can weigh up different possible outcomes in no time at all, with the bet calculator doing all the number crunching for you. Compare them one against each other. Try something different. Take your time and decide on your best bet.

6. It’s on target for football betting

Pick a match, type in your predicted result, and our odds calculator will do the rest, showing the amount you could win in a nanosecond. The bet calculator can also tackle football accumulators — this type of multiple bet is great fun, giving the football action an extra layer of excitement all weekend long.

7. It’s on the nose for horse racing bets

Betting on horse racing has been popular for centuries. It has its own language and quirky way of doing things. Once again, the 10bet bet calculator does all the hard work for you. Options like Trixie, Patent, Yankee or Lucky 15 are taken in its stride.

8. Calculate your bets on the go

The bet calculator is available on the 10bet app as well as online. Which means you can tap in your potential bet details wherever you happen to be and get an answer on the spot. No hassle, no waiting.

9. Our bet calculator is a freebee

Yes, you read that right, this is a totally free service for 10bet bettors. You can use the handy bet calculator whenever you want and as often as you want, and it won’t cost you a penny. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

10. The free calculator is just the beginning…

We offer all kinds of fantastic weekly rewards, free bets and promos, kicking things off with our £50 welcome bonus.There are also hugely popular free bet offers every week, plus an acca bonus, and much more besides. They’re all up on our dedicated promo page, so please drop by and take a look.